Ken Anderson - Fox, Alaska

My wife, Gwen Holdmann, and I began feeding Redpaw about two years ago. Prior to that we had been feeding another premium food. We switched the dogs over cold turkey and were impressed to see that they took to it immediately; eating with vigor and not having any stool problems. We also noticed an immediate reduction in stool volume. The best thing about the food was that it was several dollars cheaper than the food we had been using, and the dogs seemed to do better on it.

After a few months we noticed that their coats had become much shinier. We switched the dogs over in the summer and that fall the dogs put on much more muscle mass than in previous years under similar training conditions.

We believe it was the catalyst that took our kennel to the next higher level. We have tried EVERY top pet food over the last ten years in an effort to find the best possible food for our dogs. We're done looking because there isn't a single thing we don't like about this food. The dogs love it, they've never been healthier, and it's much more affordable. I'm not surprised to see that more and more kennels are switching to Redpaw because it's the best deal around.