Sean M. Siggins - Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Location: Shrewsbury, PA
Dogs in Kennel: 1
Breed: Belgian Malinios
Type of Activity: Police / Protection Sports
Other Experience: K9 Officer, National Police Decoy, National (P.S.A.)Protection Sports Assocation Decoy, Member of (P.P.C.A.)Penna. Police Canine Assoc., K9 SWAT Handler/Dog Team.
Training Regime: Daily training in patrol and detector work
Feeding Strategy: 2 to 3 cups a day with hot water

Comments about Redpaw: Looked for 3 YEARS and about 10 different feeds for one that could keep weight on my Police/Sport Dogs and one that could do what it said it could. I needed a feed that delt with K9's in a highly stressful environment and were worked continuously at a very high level. After having my service dog on Redpaw for a little over a month I noticed he maintained his weight without supplementing his diet. His stools were smaller and consistent even when stressed in training. His energy level has been real high. It's remained high longer through training and his focus has been excellent. I don't know how many Police K9's are on Redpaw but I wish I would have discovered it a long time ago. Thanks for making a high quality feed.