Rob Lombard - Iron River, Wisconsin

Rob Lombard is married and has four children. He has been mushing 4 years and has 25 Alaskan Huskies. He runs mid and long distance races.

Kennel Name: Frost Line Kennels
Location: Iron River, Wisconsin
Racing Experience: Empire 130 in 2002 8 dog placed 27th, Apostle Islands Sled Dog 6 dog class 3rd in 2002, John Beargrease mid distance 150 2002 placed 15th.
Other Experience: Minnesota Boundary Waters week long snoring expedition.
Training Regime: Pull hard and slow in early season focusing on forming good running, pulling, resting and hookup habits. Then increase distance after the basics are instilled into the dogs.
Feeding Stategy: I like to feed the easiest way possible and with RedPaw that is made incredibly possible. All I do whether I am training or just a normal feeding is to feed the dry 32/20 meal ration along with water. No pre-mixing involved. Just dump a scoop of meal and 1-2 scoops of water and the dog is guaranteed to get the water and nutrients it needs.

Comments about Redpaw: I have been feeding RedPaw for 3 years now. There are a lot of benefits to mention with feeding RedPaw to working and non-working dogs alike but the most noticeable benefits are the ones that you can see. In that matter, I have noticed with dogs that I have bought for racing from other kennels that feed mostly meat with some dry mix is that their coats are brittle and dry. They suffer from bald spots that are created due to collar and harness wear. Once they have been fed RedPaw for about 1 year and they have had a chance to blow their coats a couple of times it is amazing what a difference comes out. No more collar or harness wear, their coats become soft and shiny, and in most cases they look like a completely different dog because certain colors come out in their coats that were never evident before. I can only imagine that the physical appearance improving like that means that their immune system, mental abilities, and muscular development all improve as well.