Rick Snyder - Kokomo, Indiana

I wanted to pass on to you our experience with feeding Redpaw. In December of 2001 my son purchased Dusty, an alaskan husky, from Brian and Linda Fredrickson in Minnesota. Actually we purchased 5 bags of Red Paw dog food, as Linda would not "sell" her Dusty. So we began feeding Redpaw at that time to the huskies and our family Gordon Setter, Dixon. This story is actually about Dixon.

At the time of the switch to Redpaw, Dixon had a history of stomach problems that resulted in severe cramping to the point of not being able to walk. The problem was associated with food and switching foods was tried without much success. Also, at the same time he developed a skin condition that caused hair to fall out and severe itching and a rash. He was a mess.

We completely switched him over to Redpaw in January of 2002 and I am happy to report he has not had one incident of cramping and his skin condition has completely disappeared. He also had been a very fussy eater, but now he meets us at the door, at feeding time, and devours his food, just like the huskies.

Thanks a lot to Redpaw for providing a very excellent dog food at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work.
Rick, Marlene and Chase Snyder
Kokomo, Indiana