Shannon Davis

We have 3 black labs ranging from 14 weeks to 14 years old; all on different versions of Redpaw.
Lindy: 14 weeks old (X-Series Puppy)
Jackson: 2 years old (PowerEdge 32K);
Ally: 14 years old; (X-Series Maintain).

I always wanted to get into the dock diving sport with my dog, but never knew where to start. I read an article about a local dog owner who just competed in the World Championship for dock diving. I contacted him and within a few months we started practicing.

July 4, 2013 was our first competition. Jackson made the finals but did not place. Jeff suggested now that Jackson was on the path to becoming an athletic dog, we should change his food to RedPaw PowerEdge 32K. Jackson had been on RedPaw for over 6 months and in Nov. 2013, we made it to the World Championship for Speed Retrieve Express division, where Jackson took 4th. He is so lean, has a shiny coat, and a ton of energy. We receive complements on how fit he is wherever we take him.  Lindy is our newest addition to the family. She is now 14 weeks old and has been on RedPaw X-Series Puppy since the day we brought her home at 6 weeks. She was a chubby roly-poly puppy. Since being on RedPaw, she looks healthy, well-proportioned, and her coat is shiny. Loads of energy after eating and wants to play with her big brother. She is next in line for dock diving!  Ally is our 14 year old. She had been on the same food for the last 6 years. After switching our other two labs to RedPaw and witnessing such great results, we thought we should switch her as well. Ally is on the X-series Maintain. Within the first week we noticed her coat was more smooth, shiny, and shedding a lot less. Now she has a little more pep in her step and looks forward to feeding time. We would highly recommend RedPaw to all dog owners.