Rick Laes

Praz, a 2 year old Lab/Shepard
Atiie, a 5 year old Yellow Lab
Bandit, a 9 year old Lab/mix

Attie has been eating Redpaw for over 1½  years. After talking to a friend I decided to try it to put some weight and muscle on her which has been very hard to do since I got her at 10 months old. We started in Dock Diving in 2010 with Attie, she could never put on any weight. Since starting her on Redpaw 32K not only has she gained weight and muscle she also had less shedding, less waste, better coat, clearer eyes, little to no more ear infections, less gas, and the ability to feed half. In Nov. 2013, she made it to the World Championship for Extreme Vertical, where Attie took 4th.The best performance she has ever done in 3 years she is so lean and strong, has a shiny coat, and a ton of energy.

Praz has been on Redpaw for about a year. When we picked him up from The Sioux Falls Humane Society he was  tall and very skinny. His muscle mass was a concern for me because I wanted to start him  in Dock Diving in 2013. After 7 months of eating 32K Praz was ready to compete. He started in July,2013 and by November ,2013 he qualified for the Dock Dogs World Championships for Iron Dog, Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and is 2013 - World Champion in Turbo Speed Retrieve and took 3rd in Extreme Vertical. There is no way Praz could have achieved the World Championship without Redpaw. You can say Redpaw has  a “World Champion”.

Bandit has been on Redpaw for 1 ½ years. He has been a my Vets and my mystery for 6 years. He couldn’t put on weight from the day I rescued him. We did every blood test tried every food with supplements. Raw food , dry food, canned food you name it we tried it. Bandit has an extremely high drive and his body always very skinny with every rib showing. After starting the other dogs on Redpaw so did Bandit. It took a long time but for the first time in his life his ribs show no-more. I cut his nails so often now that I know Redpaw works from  the inside out. He is 9years old but you would never know it because he looks and acts like a puppy.

I would highly recommend RedPaw to all dog owners.