Buddy & Terry Streeper

Streeper Kennels | Fort Nelson, Canada

Work hard, think smart and be honest with yourself. Anything is possible with the right mindset.

I [Buddy] was born into the sport, as my father Terry Streeper has been racing for over 35 years. At age 18, I decided that I wanted to work to become the most succeseful sled dog racing kennel in the world.

Our kennel consists of 150 dogs: 50 puppies (raised each summer), 50 yearlings and 50 adult race dogs. As a professionally-minded kennel, we breed and raise our dogs with the goal of improving our team and kennel. Each summer we have between 5 to 10 litters of puppies. We breed husky and pointer crosses because of their speed and endurance. We have 10 acres of property with access to 20 miles of trails.


  • Humanitarian award: Best-Cared-For Dog team, Yellowknife NWT

In addition to the achievements listed below, Buddy is the only musher in the history of sled dog racing to have won the world triple crown: Laconia New Hampshire, The Pas Manitoba, and Anchorage Alaska.

  • 2012 The Pas, 1st Place 10-dog
  • Fur Rondy World championship, 1st place
  • Wyoming Stage Stop Race, 1st place
  • Canadian Championship Yellowknife NWT, 1st place
  • Cecil Lafferty Memorial Fort Resilution NWT, 1st place 10-dog
  • Cecil Lafferty Memorial Fort Resilution NWT, 1st place 6-dog


  • Cecil Lafferty Memorial Fort Resilution NWT, 2nd place 10-dog

Regarding Redpaw: Buddy comments, “The best dog food in the sport, with the right balance to keep my dogs happy and healthy.”