Alyeska Ski Patrol Avalanche Canines

Alyeska Resort | Girdwood, AK

People can learn a lot from dogs. Dogs wake up in the morning, have a good stretch, drink some water, eat a good meal, and then go play. The closer our work can be to that play, the better off we are.

Rescue dogs provide a fast and efficient way of searching a large area that would take teams of rescuers much longer. The rescue team at Alyeska includes two adult Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers named Zooka and Fundy. A new addition to the team for the 2011-12 season is Yuki (Japanese for "snow"), a five month old "puppy-in-training" from Sagewood Kennels in Wisconsin.

The Alyeska dogs live full-time with their handler.
Brian McGorry & Fundy: Brian spends summers as a Ranger with the US Forest Service and also teaches sea kayaking and wilderness medicine courses.
Mik Jedlicka & Zooka: Mik is a trip leader and operations manager for a local sea kayak guide service. She is also a long-standing outdoor skills instructor for Outward Bound.
Tim Glassett & Yuki: Tim is currently pursuing a college degree in the summer but has recently worked as a wild land firefighter.

Regarding Redpaw: Brian comments, "I will definitely not claim to be an expert in dog nutritional needs or scientific formulas. When searching out a food for our dogs I had few goals in mind: find a US company that uses all domestically sourced ingredients, and find others having proven success with that food. Although I'm not a musher, it is pretty embedded in the culture in Alaska so it was pretty easy to follow what the most successful mushers where feeding their team: Redpaw."