Snowy Beginnings

A National Geographic cover photo and a passion for cold weather drove Eric Morris to the dogs–literally. The cover photo showed a team of sled dogs. Full harness. Big sled. Lots of snow. Pine-tree-lined trail leading to the horizon. Breath hanging in the air. For Eric, it was picture-perfect.

Eric got busy building his own sled and training with his German Shepherds in the open fields of central Iowa, where he made his home. Soon Eric had enough dogs to pull a sled he could actually ride. Full-fledged mushing had begun.

As Eric became more involved in mushing, he quickly realized that none of the commercially available dog feeds had the right nutritional balance to maintain the health and stamina of his working dogs on long trips under the stressful conditions of dog mushing.

From Lab to Mill

Eric's PhD in biochemistry and "day job" as a research scientist quickly became an essential piece of his dog mushing team. He realized that his experience made him the perfect candidate to formulate a truly efficient feed for those dogs. A feed that helped his dogs become the performance athletes he knew them to be. The quest began.

Eric soon teamed up with a small mill in Iowa, where he formulated and produced the first small batches of feed for his dogs. It wasn't long before friends in the mushing community were buying the “special blend” to feed their own dogs. Shortly after, he teamed up with his friend Randy. With Randy's encouragement
and a small ad in the most-read mushing magazines, Eric started selling his special feed under the name Redpaw Feed.

Winning Results

Since those humble beginnings, Redpaw has continued to improve and grow. Today, thousands of dogs throughout North America eat Redpaw's dog foods. In the mushing community, Redpaw is the winningest brand, with more top 10 finishes than all other dog food brands combined. And Redpaw customers have won more championships than any other dog food over the past 10 years. Since 2003, Redpaw customers have won the Iditarod 5 times in a row, the Yukon Quest 5 times, the Wyoming Stage Stop 5 times, just to name a few.

Current Times

Today Eric continues to put profits back into the company, keeping Redpaw's mission provide a high-quality premium performance dog food at an affordable price to every dog possible through a network of kennels, distributors, and independent retailers.