What's different about Redpaw, you ask?

Redpaw formulas were developed using working dogs under working conditions. By doing our research in dogs under working conditions we were able to identify all deficiencies in the diet, no matter how minute. A slight dietary deficiency shows symptoms in a sled dog in training; that same deficiency will not show up in a less active dog. By addressing all levels from macro to micro we developed formulations that maximize your dogs' metabolic efficiency resulting in better health and fitness, less stress on the body and nice stools.

Sled dog research has contributed more canine nutrition data than any other dog sport. This research has benefitted all dogs, not just working dogs. Redpaw has been a part of that research; in fact, it is generally recognized that Redpaw was the first company to demonstrate that a dry dog food diet could sustain the highest level of physical activity by a dog. This is evident in our success in the sled dog racing world, where a team feeding Redpaw has won every major sled dog race in the world multiple times over the past 10 years. Redpaw is the most trusted brand of dog food for mushers.

Redpaw dog food:

  • is highly digestible
  • promotes lean muscle mass with multiple protein sources
  • has an optimal omega 6:3 fatty acid ratio
  • helps maintain a healthy digestive tract with probiotics and prebiotics
  • includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • has no wheat, artificial colorings or artificial flavorings

A Redpaw dog will experience:

  • exceptional energy, stamina and recovery
  • an athletic, lean body
  • efficient response to environmental stressors
  • outstanding temperature regulation
  • a healthy digestive tract and immune system
  • a shiny, supple coat with minimal shedding
  • compact, firm stools
  • superb clarity in the eyes and gums
  • strong nails and tough footpads
  • great focus and a calm, happy demeanor

Your dog will love the taste of Redpaw food and will eagerly clean his/her bowl at meal time. However, because Redpaw foods are so effective at meeting your dog's health needs, we recommend you feed your dog about 20% less food than with other brands.

We're also proud to say that Redpaw is 100% made and packaged in America.


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